Model Portfolio Service

Linking your individual clients to Model Portfolios makes managing a large number of different client portfolios more efficient and cost effective, as well as ensuring you are recommending to your customers assets that are well vetted and selected by you to meet their goals and risk attitudes.

The benefits of using Model Portfolios

  • Individual clients can be linked to these Model Portfolios to achieve a more consistent and efficient investment management service
  • Making investment decisions and carrying out transactions for clients can be completed quickly and efficiently
  • Using Model Portfolios to tailor investment solutions to suit clients’ needs
  • Advisers are remunerated in a clear and transparent manner from the clients’ cash facility held within each product
  • New and additional payments are automatically invested into the portfolio meaning no trades need to be placed
  • Any changes to the model will automatically be applied to all clients’ portfolios linked to the model
  • Ability to manage different investment strategies across multiple portfolios
  • Ability to switch between models at any time within the platform
  • Options to automatically rebalance and set tolerances into the models
  • All assets and individual performance information are available in the client’s portfolio.

We offer 2 solutions when it comes to creating a Model Portfolio:

  • Create and run your own Model Portfolio
  • Outsource portfolio management to specialist third party Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM’s).

If you are interested in creating your own Model Portfolios, click here to find out more.

Outsource portfolio management to a DFM

Many advisers believe that professional advisers and DFMs have different yet complementary roles and prefer to outsource investment advice. They consider that the:

  • Adviser is responsible for collecting information about the client’s financial position and advising the client on their investment objectives and risk profile
  • DFM is responsible for building and managing an investment portfolio in accordance with the investment strategy and risk profile.

Ardan offers access to a number of carefully selected Model Portfolios created and managed by external DFMs, each with their own unique management styles and areas of expertise.

Please see below the Model Portfolios available through the Ardan Platform. Click on the drop down sections to find out contact details and more information on the services each provides. Please be aware that you will require Terms of Business with each DFM to use their service.

Brooks MacDonald Ardan DFM Managed Portfolio

Who are we?

Brooks Macdonald Asset Management (International) Limited is a specialist investment manager providing discretionary management services for private clients, trusts, charities and pensions funds.

We are part of Brooks Macdonald Group plc, an AIM-listed, integrated wealth management company.
Brooks Macdonald was originally formed with the desire to do things differently, an ethos that continues to influence the way we do business today. It is our mission to build robust personal relationships that allow us to provide a high level of service to all of our partners and clients.

About our International Managed Portfolio Service

Our International Managed Portfolio Service (International MPS) is a discretionary portfolio management service which invests in vehicles such as offshore funds, open-ended investment companies (OEICs) and exchange-traded funds, across all asset classes, to provide a range of diversified portfolios.

The International MPS portfolios that are available have been designed to meet different investment objectives, currency preferences and risk profiles. These are managed by Brooks Macdonald International in the Channel Islands.

  • Cautious Balanced - Available in £, $
  • Balanced - Available in £, $
  • Growth - Available in £, $

The International MPS portfolios are managed by a dedicated team of investment managers, supported by our investment and asset allocation committees, and apply our centralised investment process.

Key features:

  • A differentiated investment solution that incorporates a range of options to suit your clients’ risk profiles, run by a team of multi asset experts
  • Actively managed with the aim of ensuring that your client’s risk and return objectives are being met, enabling you to focus on supporting your client’s goals
  • Comprehensive adviser support provided, including commentary, factsheets, performance updates, regular insights and live investment webinars.
  • Minimum investment dependent on the platform.

Find out more:

You can visit our website here:

Or alternatively, contact Matthew Wintour, Head of Adviser Solutions on +44 (0)1534 715 555 or email

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Cacaccord Genuity Wealth Management Ardan DFM Managed Portfolio


Investing with Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management gives you access to a broad range of investment opportunities. We have built up our business and reputation over the years and now, in the UK and Europe, our investment specialists manage and administer over £30bn of assets (as at 31 March 2021).

Our IMPS is a selection of three risk-rated portfolios, suitable if you have at least £50,000 (or the US dollar/euro equivalent) to invest. They give you access to our organisation- wide expertise, global research and resources at a level that is usually only available when investing a much higher amount.

These portfolios provide a range of possible solutions. Whichever one you choose, you will have your own managed portfolio, suited to your risk needs, while enabling you to share the benefits of our CGWM investment expertise and continuous monitoring.

We select investments from the entire marketplace, so your portfolio will hold a range of investments across different asset classes. This ensures it is fully diversified, which manages and reduces investment risk

The 3 portfolios are:

Cautious Aiming for a balance between capital appreciation and reduced volatility, this portfolio uses global equities, fixed interest and cash-type investments to provide diversification.
Balanced While this portfolio aims to produce an income stream, it also offers you the possibility of capital appreciation over the longer term. We use global equities, fixed interest and cash-type investments to provide diversification.
Growth Aiming to provide capital appreciation over the longer term, this portfolio will tend to focus on domestic and international equities to achieve both diversification and investment returns.

Key benefits:

Whichever portfolio you select, it aims to deliver:

  • Consistent, risk-adjusted returns
  • Access to CGWM’s best ideas through the collaboration of 70 in-house investment researchers and analysts
  • Active management and monitoring, designed to maximise returns and minimise losses
  • The flexibility to choose the parameters of your portfolio to suit your risk needs and preferences.

Find out more:


T: +44 1624 690100


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Kingswood International - Protect and growth your wealth

About us

Kingswood is a public company and our shares have been listed on the AIM market since 2014.

We have ambitious plans to become a leading global provider of wealth management services to clients and we have a growing network of offices across the United Kingdom and the United States. We employ c. 300 staff and have £9.3bn of client assets under advice and management.

We are building a business that has the client at the heart of it, building client propositions that are great value for money, are clear and transparent and importantly accessible.

Our focus on the client is matched by our investment in our people innovation and technology to support our advisers and clients. We pride ourselves on the creation of a technology backbone, rigorous risk management and the provision of attractive investment solutions to clients

Underpinning all of this are our core values:


We are committed to acting with integrity, being fair, and acting in the best interest of our clients.


We believe in loyalty and working as a team, this allows us to build relationships of trust.


We strive to make a difference and a positive impact with everything we do.

Our International Managed Portfolio Service

Our IMPS is designed to offer a full range of risk profiles and strategies. With ESG, Passive and Active offerings all drawing from our Investment Policy Committee and dedicated International Portfolio Construction Team we are able to provide a well resourced and market leading service. Portfolios are available in:

Active – Balanced, Growth, Adventurous £, $

Passive - Balanced, Growth, Adventurous £, $

ESG - Balanced, Growth £, $

Key Features

A robust investment process managed by a dedicated and experienced team.

Thematic exposure – searching for the winners of tomorrow, not yesterday.

Advisor support though presentations, meetings, regular updates and factsheets.

Find out more:

Mark Maplesden - Sales Director

T: +971 56 753 7575


Paul Surguy - Head of Investment Management


Molly Southwick - Investment Manager


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LGT Wealth Management Ardan DFM Managed Portfolio


LGT Wealth Management was formed in 2008 with the aim of offering a fresh approach to wealth management by putting clients first and providing a transparent service, designed around what is right for them. The partnership ethos of our business has attracted some of the best talent in our industry and drawn together in-depth experience from a number of disciplines. We are part of LGT Group, wholly owned by the Princely Family of Lichtenstein, which provides us with the benefits of a long-term outlook and strong financial stability.

Available via the Ardan International platform are our international propositions, managed by our expert investment team: the International Model Portfolio Service and the International Sustainable Model Portfolio Service, illustrated below

International Model Portfolio Service (iMPS)

The International Model Portfolio Service is a discretionary investment service comprising of five diversified portfolios that meet a range of objectives and risk profiles as well as a strategic income portfolio. The service has a centralised investment process, which combines the experience of our investment managers with the in-depth knowledge of our dedicated research team. Available in GBP Sterling, Euros and US Dollars, the five multi-asset unconstrained portfolios are each expected to fall within certain volatility, annualised return and maximum loss ranges. The strategic income portfolio targets an income yield.

International Sustainable Model Portfolio Service (iSMPS)

The International Sustainable Model Portfolio Service comprises five risk profiles across GBP, EUR and USD. The ultimate aim of the iSMPS is to generate strong and consistent investment returns for clients, whilst supporting our sustainable philosophy. The portfolios aim to achieve this by investing in a diversified range of funds, holding companies with strong ESG credentials and delivering a positive impact to society and the environment.

Key benefits:

  • Dynamic, forward-looking and actively managed investment propositions give clients reassurance that our award-winning expertise is being put to use as we respond to changing market conditions and the opportunities that occur throughout the market cycle.
  • Clients benefit from our strong research capabilities, and investment solutions that may not be accessible in their country of residence.
  • Can provide clients protection from a depreciating domestic currency and, in the case of the iSMPS, an excellent additional risk-management tool by taking an integrated and long-term view, with the understanding that sustainability has become an important value driver across all sectors/ industries/ geographies.
  • "Tax wrapper neutral" solutions that can be accessed via an appropriate pension or offshore bond wrapper.

Find out more:

Contact our International Business Development team for further information:


Phone: +44 (0)20 3207 8000

Please read prior to making any investment into the LGT Managed Portfolios

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Pacific Asset Management Ardan DFM Managed Portfolio


Pacific Asset Management (PAM) is a fresh and progressive asset manager, rethinking the conventions of how asset management works for advisers, institutions, investors and the industry. With a fresh start we’ve been able to create a more innovative and progressive model, moving the asset management model of today into one more relevant for the needs of tomorrow. We continue to push the boundaries of technology, operational and investment research, to provide better solutions for our IFA partners and their clients through our technology-enabled range of Model Portfolios.

About the Model Portfolios

The Pacific Asset Management (PAM) Model Portfolios consists of four highly diversified multi-asset class portfolios designed to meet a range of client investment objectives. The range is fully diversified across: Asset Class, Geography, Currency and Factor. Each portfolio carefully blends a mix of five broad asset classes: Equities, Fixed income, Alternatives, Diversifying Assets and Cash. By adjusting this mix, our portfolios cater for a range of investment goals and risk appetites.

Client benefits:

Institutional Investment Expertise

Investment team with 50+ years combined industry experience across multi- asset, equities, fixed income, absolute return and sustainable investing.

Active Investment Management

Optimised portfolio re- balancing ensuring clients benefit from efficiencies of discretionary management.

Cost Efficiency

Blended solutions which invest across the breadth of the asset management space: Passive, Active, Factor, Direct securities.

Modern Portfolio Approach

Efficient portfolios combining the benefits of ‘unitised’ multi-asset investing within a Model Portfolio structure.

Pacific Asset Management:

1 Portland Place, London, W1B 1PN

T: +44 20 3970 3100



Rowan Dartington Ardan DFM Managed Portfolio

Rowan Dartington is a Stockbroking and Discretionary Fund Management firm, founded in 1990. We provide independent and wide ranging investment services to Charities, Trusts, Individuals, Corporates and Pensions. In March 2016 the firm was bought by St. James’s Place Wealth Management.

Portfolios are monitored by our Central Investment Team, ensuring that they are reviewed on a daily basis by a team with dedicated resources. This allows us to respond quickly to market changes and opportunities.

Visit the Rowan Dartington website:

How to link a portfolio to a model portfolio in the Ardan Wealth Platform

Ardan’s Model Portfolio Manager allows an adviser firm to create and manage an unlimited number of Model Portfolios. If the client wishes to hold other assets alongside, these must be held in a separate portfolio. In this illustration video we help you understand how to link a portfolio to a Model.

How to authorise a model link submitted on a portfolio in the Ardan Wealth Platform

This video explains how to authorise a model link that has already been submitted on a portfolio but requires a second authorisation. To link/de-link a client to a model portfolio the user must have the appropriate user rights to do so, and this must include trading rights.

We suggest you review our Model Portfolio Guide and Q&A before following this tutorial, click here to read our Model Portfolio User Guide and click here to read our Model Portfolio Q&A.