Is it right for my clients?

We believe that platforms are the future for Financial Advisers and investors around the world.

Number 1 choice in the UK

Investment platforms are already the number one choice in the UK retail investment market, thanks to a winning combination of cost effectiveness, ease of use and providing investors with an overall view of their total wealth.

As regulatory changes around the world generally look for providers and advisers to give customers greater transparency around fees and charges, our platform’s fee based charging model is an ideal solution.

Designed for expats

Unlike some platforms that have been adapted from a UK model, the Ardan International platform was designed from the ground up for internationally mobile investors and the advisers.

Our platform allows your clients to hold cash and assets in a variety of currencies. You hold securities in different currencies on the same portfolio, hold different cash accounts for each currency and report in the currency selected for the portfolio. You can also change the base currency of the platform at any time.

This is why our platform has been voted Best International Platform at the prestigious International Investment Awards 7 times in the last 8 years, most recently in October 2023.


Our platform is secure and it uses technology developed to insure that your assets are protected.

So if you’re looking for a platform where you can keep all your client’s investments together in one place, securely and cost-effectively, then the Ardan International platform is the right place for you.

Top 10 reasons to use our platform