Ten reasons to use Ardan

More and more advisers are choosing our platform as it puts them at the centre of their clients financial affairs.

1. Our great service

You’ll receive a lot of support from us.

Our Customer Services team is on hand, as are your Regional Sales Manager contacts and our knowledgeable Technical team.

The high quality of our service is something of which we are justifiably proud. AKG’s latest independent report about Ardan renewed our B strong rating for financial strength and increased our service rating from four to the maximum five stars.

2. We’re truly multi-currency

Client portfolios can hold cash in up to 11 currencies at the same time and portfolios can also hold assets on the same basis.

Portfolios can also trade assets in multiple currencies, you can move monies between currency accounts and change the reporting currency at anytime without cost.

We also offer an easy to use online FX facility with very competitive rates.

3. Our Free Beneficiary Trust

We feel it’s imperative for an offshore platform to have a Beneficiary Trust available in order to avoid the complex and timely process of probate and distribution of assets on death. Also, no assets are sold in the event of death allowing one portfolio to be easily split up into multiple portfolios for each beneficiary. ‘Link to beneficiary trust sales aid’

4. Our Managed Portfolio Service

Our platform puts you in control of your Model Portfolios. You can select and link your clients’ portfolios to the Model Portfolio of your choice yourself.

We have significantly increased the number of public Model Portfolios available on our Platform and you can either create your own Model Portfolio or use an off the shelf Model Portfolio, put together by a DFM.

5. Single access to multiple portfolios

Our platform is suitable whether your clients are individuals, trustees or corporate entities. Each can hold multiple portfolios. Our open architecture platform allows investors to hold funds and tradeable assets such as equities and ETFs and structured notes. You can hold everything in one place, under one platform login, which means its easy to get a bird’s eye view of your client’s wealth.

6. We handle pension transfers

Ardan views the pensions trustee as our client. The multi-currency platform can be used as the underlying investment vehicle within all major pensions trustee products.

We provide efficient ongoing management of the retirement strategy as trades are entered on the platform and automatically sent for authorisation by the trustee.

7. We allow you to use DocuSign

Ardan welcomes the use of DocuSign to submit applications and make withdrawal requests.

The use of electronic signatures means a better audit trail and the majority of electronic signatures are processed within a same day next day time frame, which beats the turnaround times for hard copy applications and forms hands-down.

And it’s cheaper because without hard copy documentation, the need to pay for couriers/postage has gone.

8. Our asset availability and trading times

We offer fully open architecture: funds (institutional and retail), ETFs, equities (on major exchanges) and notes.

We offer in-house and external (DFM) Model Portfolios and clients can hold part model and part other assets at the same time, enabling a range of different investment strategies, all accessible via a single platform login.

Plus, we execute trades five times a day.

9. We offer transparency

In a world of ever-increasing regulation, our platform allows you to operate a transparent fee-based charging model. Platforms work well where regulations encourage greater transparency – in the UK, the value of assets held on platforms increased almost six-fold in the eight years following the introduction of RDR in 2008.

10. There’s strength in numbers

Ardan is part of International Financial Group Limited, which also owns RL360 and Friends Provident International Limited. It provides investment, savings and protection solutions to international investors around the world, with 216,000 customers, USD26 billion assets under administration and employs more than 550 staff (as at 31 December 2021).

Being part of IFGL affords Ardan strength and security and access to group resources like Marketing, Legal, Compliance, IT and Finance.

Now you know, you can contact us for a chat about what else we can offer you and your clients:

By email: hello@ardan-international.com

By phone: +44 (0) 1624 638 800

By mail: Ardan International Limited, Royal Court, Castletown, Isle of Man, IM9 1RA, British Isles.

Office open: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm UK time