What is a wealth platform?

At its heart, our platform is a secure online location where all your client’s investments can be held and viewed in one place.

With up-to-date valuations and a birds-eye view of your whole portfolio, it’s easy for you to review and monitor your client’s financial position and help them make better financial decisions.

We put you, the adviser, at the centre. You can control what access your clients have to the platform, and we can configure the platform to your company’s way of working.

And because our platform has been designed specifically for the international market, it’s ideal for your mobile expat client base who want a safe and cost effective home for their investments.

Who is it for?

The platform can only be used and recommended by a Financial Adviser.

It is ideal for expatriates, trustees and corporate entities around the world. It’s flexible so can be used in different ways to keep all their investments in one place. It’s also ideal for expat customers who do not want to lock their money away for a long period of time.

We understand the crucial role a Financial Adviser plays in helping their clients make smarter investment decisions to achieve their financial goals. Therefore our Platform is only available to investors through a Financial Adviser.

Making your life easier

Enjoy a single point of access to a wide range of investments. You will be able to trade and switch for your clients.

And because our platform is designed specifically for internationally based investors, your clients can hold investments in different currencies and access investments from around the world with us.

Our Platform gives you

  • comprehensive fund analysis and fund selection tools
  • true multi-currency - meaning that at any time you can invest in any of our large range of currencies, hold cash and assets, switch currency online and change the base currency of the platform. This is because the Ardan platform has been specifically designed for the international market
  • open-architecture - allowing clients to hold funds, listed securities, bonds and structured notes
  • an easy way to introduce Discretionary Fund Managers and model portfolios
  • a transparent charging structure – no entry/exit/lock-in fees. This makes our platform less expensive than traditional investment vehicles
  • flexibility. When you first join our platform, we will tailor and configure it to best suit your firm’s way of working and give you comprehensive training on how to use it. Once you’re up and running, we are always on hand to offer ongoing support

Efficient and cost effective

Platforms offer the benefit of online technology which increases efficiency and lowers the cost of the overall proposition.

Our platform allows you to use experienced investment providers in the form of model portfolios and DFM structures.

From a client perspective the charging structure of the platform proposition is attractive as it offers no entry costs, no exit costs, no lock in periods, lower ongoing fees (no quarterly fees and potentially lower custodian and dealing fees) in exchange for a simple annual product/ custody fee.

Financial Advisers are attracted to an assets under management based revenue model rather than reliance on the initial indemnity based model. As well as this, there can be benefit from trail on thousands of retail funds.

Platforms are the future

We believe that offshore platforms are the future for international Financial Advisers and investors around the world. Investment platforms are already the number one choice in the UK retail investment market. Lower costs, greater transparency and the advantage of being able to hold investments in different currencies make the Ardan platform extremely attractive to international investors.

Platforms offer a simple charging structure and financial advisers are remunerated through fees rather than commission, which offers greater transparency as regulators around the world look to implement further rules about how adviser fees are disclosed to the client.