New Platform tutorials

We have created a series of tutorial videos that explain what’s changing on the Ardan Platform and give step by step instructions on how to use the new functionality.

Platform overview

In this video we’ll explain the new log-in process and then introduce you to the new screens. This gives you an overview of the features of our new Ardan platform including a set of instructions for both existing and new users on how to access the new system.

Placing a trade

In this video we explain the process for placing an individual purchase or sale of an asset, how to switch an asset and how to place an FX trade. It’s important to be aware that trading is only available to authorised users who have been specifically granted the right to trade on the chosen portfolio.

Authorising a trade

This video explains how to authorise a trade that has already been submitted on a client portfolio but requires a second authorisation before it can be carried out.

Introducing our new Platform