How are client investments protected?

Ardan is based on the Isle of Man - a well-established global financial centre with an outstanding reputation for investor protection.

Sophisticated regulation

We’re licensed by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority, an independent statutory body responsible for the licensing and supervision of Isle of Man based banks, building societies, investment businesses, collective investment schemes and corporate and trust service providers.

Our regulator is highly respected worldwide and liaises closely with other international supervisory bodies to ensure that those who choose the Isle of Man for their financial products can be sure of the highest standards of support.

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Asset protection

All assets are held through a nominee company and client monies are held in segregated client bank accounts. We partner with major global institutions like Citibank, Allfunds and BNY Mellon to ensure safe custody of client monies.

So this means that your client’s assets are never co-mingled with the assets of Ardan, so in the unlikely event that Ardan fails, client assets cannot be used by liquidators to repay the creditors of Ardan.

Part of IFGL

Ardan is part of the International Financial Group Limited (IFGL). Other members of the group include RL360 and RL360° Services.

Being part of IFGL offers Ardan’s customers the reassurance and security of being part of a group that has more than 80,000 policyholders and administers over US$12 billion of assets (as at 31 December 2019).