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Ardan's response to COVID-19

This page will provide regular updates on how we at Ardan are addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

25 Mar 2020

Cassim made an Ardan Director

Cassim Rasool has been appointed a Director of Ardan International.

10 Feb 2020

Beneficiary Trusts with Ardan

If your client wants their platform benefits to go to named beneficiaries in the event of their death, you may want to talk to them about a Beneficiary Trust.

14 Jan 2020

Are you using our Model Portfolio Service?

Did you know Ardan offers a Model Portfolio Service?

17 Dec 2019

Ardan is now accepting scanned documents

We have changed and simplified our requirements on accepting scanned versions of documents.

12 Nov 2019

Good news for Ardan International customers – new pricing schedule introduced

We’ve made some important changes to our pricing schedule, which came into effect on 1 July 2019.

8 Jul 2019

Welcome to our new website

As you can see, we’ve given Ardan International’s website a new look.

28 Mar 2019

Sarah Dunnage makes it permanent at Ardan International

Sarah Dunnage has been appointed permanent Chief Executive Officer for Ardan International.

27 Feb 2019

Ardan wins prestigious award - again

Ardan celebrated winning the Best Platform award for the third year running at the prestigious International Fund and Products Award held in London’s west end.

5 Oct 2018

Sarah Dunnage appointed as CEO

Sarah Dunnage, Head of Finance for RL360, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer for Ardan International.

29 Aug 2018

IFGL announces the acquisition of Ardan International

We are excited to announce that we are to be acquired by the International Financial Group Limited (IFGL), subject to regulatory approval. IFGL is the owner of RL360 and RL360 Services (formerly CMI).

14 Nov 2016

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