Monitor your investments online with the award winning Ardan International wealth platform

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Planned maintenance work will take place on our site on Thursday 13 October and Tuesday 18 October. The work will take place at some point between 8pm and 12am UK time on 13 October and between 8pm and 9.30pm UK time on 18 October.

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Why use Model Portfolios?

How linking clients to Model Portfolios could save you time and money.

Enhancements to the platform

We have made some improvements to our Platform to make it easier for you to view how your portfolio is performing.

Monitor your investments online with our award winning wealth platform

Designed exclusively for international investors.

Is a platform right for me?

We believe that platforms are the future for financial advisers and investors around the world.

Wealth Management made easy with Ardan International

Rather than trying to track your client’s investments across various institutions, each with their own dealing processes, paperwork and charging structures, you can manage them all efficiently, securely and cost-effectively on the Ardan International wealth platform.