12 NOV 2019


Ardan is now accepting scanned documents

We have changed and simplified our requirements on accepting scanned versions of documents.

We will now accept scans only for all of the following new business and servicing tasks:

  • Change of address
  • New business applications, including top ups
  • Change of suitable certifier
  • Change of financial adviser
  • Change of discretionary fund manager
  • Change of phone number
  • Change of bank details
  • Change of name
  • Client and broker online access forms
  • Change of email address – although this only applies if we receive the instruction from the original email address. If the notification comes via a new email address we will require an original instruction.

Currently you email us scanned versions of these documents but we also require you to send us the original versions by courier and post. This requirement has been removed with immediate effect.

It will make for a faster, easier, cheaper and less bureaucratic service.

We reserve the right to request original documents in some circumstances – for example if the scanned version is not of a high enough quality for us to use, so these must be retained in your records. In addition, we will carry out random telephone checks as part of our continued commitment to fraud prevention.

Signatures included on scanned applications and supporting documentation must be original, we cannot accept electronic signatures.

Please note, we will still require original documentation before we can action encashment (partial and full) requests.