Glossary of wealth management terms

Confused about financial jargon? Use our jargon buster to get a plain explanation of industry terms.


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Stands for Inter-Governmental Agreements. This is an agreement that involves or is made between two or more governments to cooperate in some specific way. For example, the United Kingdom (UK) has signed an agreement with the United States of America (USA) to exchange information under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act.

ISIN stands for International Securities Identifying Number. A 12 character code that is made up of letters and numbers. It is a unique identifying number for funds, stocks, bond etc.

Independent Financial Adviser
A professional who offers independent advice on financial matters. They can choose to make recommendations from all the products available on the market as they are not tied to one particular provider. They make sure the policyholder gets the right product for their individual needs.

Institutional Class Mutual Funds
Mutual fund companies tailor their products to be sold into different financial markets. One class of funds will be for retail investors, another for 401(k) accounts and another to be sold to institutional investors like large pension plans.

Isle of Man Financial Services Authority
An independent statutory body in the Isle of Man, which regulates banks, investment business, corporate service providers etc, which undertake regulated activities in or from the Isle of Man.