Glossary of wealth management terms

Confused about financial jargon? Use our jargon buster to get a plain explanation of industry terms.


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Exchange traded fund is a type of investment fund that is traded on a stock exchange, much like stocks. Unlike a mutual fund that has its net-asset value (NAV) calculated at the end of each trading day, an ETF's price changes throughout the day, fluctuating with supply and demand.

The ownership interest of shareholders in a corporation.

Equity Fund
A fund that invests primarily in equities.

The largest settlement system for domestic and international securities transactions, covering bonds, equities and investment funds. Established in 1968, Euroclear provides securities services to financial institutions located in more than 90 countries.

Exchange Fee
A fee that some funds impose on shareholders if they exchange (transfer) to another fund within the same fund group (or “family of funds”).