Is the wealth platform right for me?

If you're looking for somewhere to keep all your investments securely and cost effectively in one place, the Ardan platform could be the ideal solution.

Number 1 choice in the UK

Investment platforms are already the number one choice in the UK retail investment market, thanks to a winning combination of cost effectiveness, ease of use and providing investors with an overall view of their total wealth.

Designed for international investors and expats

What makes the Ardan wealth management platform particularly attractive is that it is designed specifically for internationally mobile customers and their Advisers. Our multi-currency function allows you to hold investments in different currencies, trade securities in multiple currencies, move money between currency accounts and report in the currency most appropriate for you.


Our platform is secure and it uses technology developed by one of the world’s largest software company’s.

We understand the crucial role a Financial Adviser plays in helping their clients make smarter investment decisions to achieve their financial goals. Therefore our Platform is only available to investors through a Financial Adviser.