Top 5 reasons to use our platform

Flexibility with security. We explore the key reasons for choosing our platform.


You can hold investments in different currencies with us. You can invest in any of our 11 currencies, hold cash and assets in multiple currencies, switch currency online, change the base currency of the platform at any time. Perfect for the internationally mobile investor.


You can hold a wide range of investments on our platform. Our open architecture platform allows investors to hold, funds, tradeable assets such as equities and ETFs and structured notes. You can hold everything in one place, which means it’s easy to get a bird’s eye view of your wealth.


Your investments and monies are safeguarded by us in line with best global practice and the stringent rules and guidelines of the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.


We are financially strong. We are part of IFGL which manages assets of over $11.5 billion for more than 80,000 customers around the world.


Our charges are transparent and extremely competitive. Our online technology increases efficiency and lowers the cost of managing a portfolio.