Selecting a Platform

Helping Advisers deliver Excellent service

Selecting a Platform that is right for your clients and your business is key decision for you to make.



Below is a brief guide to the matters you may wish to consider.

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You may want to consider the list below as part of this process:


Terms & Conditions –

  • do they fit with your business and client proposition?

Charges – 

  • how much does the service cost and is it cost effective for your clients?

Range of funds – 

  • does the platform provide you with the full range of funds to offer best advice?

Range of asset classes –

  •  does it give you a wide enough range of asset classes to meet your clients needs?
  • Does it offer ETFs and shares for example

Accessibility – 

  • is the platform available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Can you access it online?
  • Can your clients access the platform?

Compliance requirements – 

  • do you have the information you need?
  • Is there an easily accessible audit trail of each transaction?
  • What reports are available?

Business risk –

  • how does the platform ensure you and your clients are not exposed to additional risk?

Client risk – 

  • is a platform right for you and your client segments?
  • Could you meet their needs in other ways?

Conflict of interest – 

  • is the fund choice unrestricted and not biased towards a Provider?