Protection of Client Money

and Client Assets

Protection of client money and Assets

Protection of client Money

Ardan International protects clients’ money by using segregated accounts across a range of major banks.


Segregated client money is held entirely separate from Ardan International’s operating accounts and is held in the client’s name. In the highly unlikely event of default then the client funds will be returned to the clients rather than being treated as a recoverable asset by general creditors of Ardan International.
The money is ‘ring-fenced’ in separate bank accounts which are held in trust with the clients as the beneficiaries, and is not mixed with Ardan International’s own funds.


Funds transferred from an individual client to Ardan International will be received directly into a segregated client money bank account with one of our selected major banking institutions.


Protection of client assets

Ardan International as Global Custodian is responsible for safeguarding assets and as such takes all reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of fraud, error or non-compliance of any applicable laws and regulations. Ardan International has no responsibility for the selection or valuation of any investment.


There is a legal separation of all Client assets held under custody by Ardan International and Ardan International will ensure that the entitlement of clients to such assets is assured. Ardan International may appoint any institution to act as its sub-custodian that is duly authorised and regulated to act in such capacity. In order to discharge its responsibility as Global Custodian, Ardan International will exercise care and diligence in choosing and appointing any third party as a sub-custodian or safe-keeping agent so as to ensure that the third party has and maintains the expertise, competence and standing appropriate to discharge the responsibilities concerned. Ardan International will maintain an appropriate level of supervision over the sub-custodian and will make appropriate enquiries from time to time to confirm that their obligations continue to be competently discharged.